Monday, 26 May 2014

25th &26th May

Yesterday the river level was a foot into the red!  The lovely couple we met on NB Georgina, who we had planned to go down river with decided to take the alternative route back up the canal. We helped them up the first three locks on their way, eventually to Liverpool.
We returned to Oakapple via M & S to pick up a dine in for a tenner deal. We had a great afternoon in the sunshine posing for the tourists. A couple from Michigan in the USA stopped to chat. Americans seem fascinated by our canal system, we certainly have some blog followers over there. Hope you all keep reading.
Had another look at the river level yesterday evening and watched the trip boat from the basin negotiate the second lock. It just scraped under the bridge over the lock tail, nearly losing the gear off     The roof. Seems nothing will stop the partying on those boats.
This morning the river looks a bit quieter. If things continue to improve we will lock down this afternoon and spend a couple of days cruising down river. Fingers crossed.

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