Friday, 30 May 2014

30th May

Yesterday, guess what?  It was raining again! We walked into Wooten Wawen for some supplies while waiting for the weather to perk up.
Finally about 11.00am we were ready to be on our way. Four miles and six locks later we moored  at Lowsenford after filling the water tank in, yes, heavy rain. To be fair, most of the day was quite pleasant. The sun almost made an appearance, but only briefly.
Today has been much better. No rain! But no sun either. The last 8 locks up to Kingswood junction were quite heavy going but the wonderful scenery is some compensation.
 Now here's a strange thing. As the Captain put Oakapple into one of the locks he started reversing out, shouting for a camera. A bird had flown out of the gate in front of the boat, and there in the foliage growing on the lock gate was a nest, complete with a clutch of six eggs. How the bird managed to build the nest with the gate swinging open and shut and boats in and out is a mystery. I hope she manages to raise the chicks when the eggs hatch.

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