Thursday, 15 May 2014

May 15th

Yesterday we decided to walk to Leamington Spa back along the canal and through the park into the town centre. Been through Leamington many times but never ventured into the town.
We were very impressed by the Georgian architecture and the fine parks.
After lunch in the local Wetherspoons (a good source of wifi) we made our way back via the canalside Lidl's.
As we walked under a particularly low arched bridge we spotted a cyclist speeding our way. Flattening ourselves under the arch, rather like Quasimodo, we waited for him to slow down. To our horror he continued, caught his front wheel on the edge of the towpath and plunged head first into the cut. I swear he was still pedaling as he disappeared under the water! A large bubble of air broke the surface, and he rose, like a submarine, still clutching his handlebars.
Rich hauled out the bike as he climbed, dripping, onto the towpath. Just shows how fragile is the line between confidence and disaster.
After assurances that he was OK, we made our way back to Oakapple to calm our nerves with a
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  1. Dear Sharon,
    I have found you! Have fun with this. I have to say I spent ages on mine to begin with and now I am quicker but I takes a chunk of my evening.
    How about a nice photo of Oakapple?
    Enjoy your trip.
    Hard to be terribly sympathetic to cyclists going that fast approaching a bridge, it might have been you two into the cut with a broken leg each....?
    NB What a Lark

    1. There wil be photos when I work out how to do it from an I pad