Sunday, 18 May 2014

May 18th Another glorious sunny day. We are taking the opportunity to go out for Sunday lunch and write this blog. Town centre much quieter today. The Morris dancers have dispersed phew Hells bells, my ears are still ringing. Yesterday we bought a crotched blanket from working boat Hadar. Will look Really great in our back cabin. We are planning to get together this afternoon with the crews of some of the boats moored in the arm. I think a glass or two might be in order.realy enjoying the Saltisford arm. So close to tHe town centre, the grounds are lovely with a well kept sensory garden added since we were last here. If you would like to find out more about the trust visit Tomorrow we hit the Hatton flight of locks. There are 21 wide locks which climb up the hill out of Warwick on the way towards Birmingham. We are planning to visit Stratford on Avon so will be starting to head south at Kingswood Junction.!

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