Saturday, 14 June 2014

14th June

Whoopee! We're on the move.
Armed with another weeks antibiotics the Captain has declared himself good to go. We said farewell to Sue & Vic on No Problem yesterday morning and cast off.
After some nifty reversing we got ourselves through Kingswood Junction and onto the service dock. One empty waste tank and one full water tank later we were on our way up the locks. The intention was to just do the first six, however it was such a fine day we scurried all the way to the top, taking turns of three each, and moored in fine countryside for the night.
Not quite so warm today, however still very pleasant. We left our mooring by about 10.00 ish. Heading towards Kings Norton Junction. Not such a challenging day, two lift bridges, one quite easy, the other B. hard! Moored up this afternoon at the Bluebell Cider  House. We are now writing this blog over a pint of Hogans cider. Damm fine stuff, you can actually taste the apples. Mmmmm.
Last time we were in Warwick we managed to pick up the cushion covers that Jo on Hadar was making for us. They look great. Thanks Jo.
Before I sign off can I just say thanks to all our fellow bloggers for their concern over our forced idleness, Sue and Vic, and also Ray and Diane on NB Ferndale with whom we spent a very pleasant evening. Thanks also to the staff at Cape Road Surgery who couldn't have been more helpfull.

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  1. Hi Sharon and Richard.

    Glad the covers are ok and what you wanted.
    I hope all your cruising goes smoothly now and no more dips Richard. See you on the cut somewhere.

    Jo xxxxx