Friday, 20 June 2014

20th June.

Droitwich beckons. Thursday we stayed put at the Queens Head. We wanted to visit the Avencroft Museum which is a short walk from the canal. There are some fine buildings which have been reerected on the site. Strangely, the most memorable part of the visit is the national telephone kiosk collection. There are examples of almost every type since the 1920s. A very knowledgeable ex BT man showed us round the telephone exchange, explaining how the relays connected all the phone boxes on site. Fascinating!
Couldn't resist another of the pizza's in the Queens head on the way back. We were just finishing our pints when who should sail by but fellow bloggers Lesley & Joe on NB Yarwood.
I managed to drag the captain away from the attraction of the waitresses in their little leather aprons, (must be a man thing!) and we walked up the locks, finding Yarwood in the eighth lock up. Borrowed a windlass and helped work them up the rest of the flight. They had done about a 12 hr. Day by the time they moored up. Poor lambs. We were rewarded with tea and cake on board. Yarwood was built by the same builder as Oakapple so it is interesting to compare the similarities and differences.
Yesterday we came down the two flights of six locks to moor in a very quiet spot just below the last lock. Just chilled out in the warm sunshine.
Today we set off about 10.00am. As it's our 44th wedding anniversary we had not planned to go far. We turned on to the  Droitwich canal and went into the Droitwich Spa marina for the weekend. There were just three locks to negotiate first. Quite interesting, in that they have working side ponds. These are a way of saving water and reusing it to fill the lock.

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