Monday, 23 June 2014

23rd. June

Enjoying the sunshine.
It has been a glorious weekend in Droitwich marina. We discovered the Sun & Eagle pub back at Hanbury Junction. Superb food at prices to rival Spoons. As it was the Captains birthday on Saturday we had a great lunch. Captain had to have the Cumbeland sausage, chips, peas, in a giant Yorkshire pudding. All for four quid! He was determined to have a dessert for another two pounds but admitted defeat before finishing the Yorkshire. Still, that didn't stop us going back on Sunday for the traditional Sunday roast, again, only four quid. This time we both managed the pudding, so bursting at the seams we made our way back on board. Later in the afternoon we had a visit from Hillary & Roger, who were the original owners of Oakapple and who were responsible for the design of the boat we are so proud of. It was good to catch up with them both and I hope they are pleased with the way we are cruising her.
Today dawned another warm sunny day. Not a day to go too far. In fact only a mile or so into the basin at Droitwich. There were however four locks, including a staircase which I took Oakapple through (I hate staircase locks!) and three swing bridges ( I hate those too). The tunnel under the motorway was interesting. It was originally there to take the little river Salwarpe under the road when the canal was derelict, however with the restoration it now takes boats through with about six foot headroom. That means everything comes off the roof, including chimneys, and you scrape through with about six inches to spare ( if you are lucky) we are now moored safely in the basin and have taken advantage of the local supermarkets to stock up with supplies before we go onto the river Severn.
Nearly forgot, watched four hot air balloons drift by around dusk on Saturday evening. They came down in a field close by. Very atmospheric.

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