Sunday, 8 June 2014

8th June

Well, here we are once more, back at Hatton Locks. That wasn't the plan.  The intention was to stay at Kingswood Junction till the Captain is fit to carry on. Unfortunately one attempt to visit the doctor in Warwick showed us that was not practical. ( don't ask! )
We backed out onto the Grand Union at  8.30 yesterday, driven out by the swans. They spend all day and half the night banging and pecking on the boat. Captain thinks they must be the new mooring wardens. Damned effective. I swear one of the swans tried to sell me a Big Issue the other day.
We spent the night on the embankment at Rowington, and moved on to Hatton this morning.

I told the Captain we could walk down the locks and visit Spoons for Sunday lunch, but he was not to have any beer! ( because of the antibiotics )  He said , what, all that Ruddles at less than two quid a pint, wouldn't mind if the f!?£,g things were working.  Any way, he is off to do a blood test in the morning so a few beers would not be a good idea.

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