Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Change of plan!
Seems we need to go home for a few days.we have arranged a hire car for the weekend and will be taking Oakapple back into Droitwich Spa marina tomorrow.
Apart from a brief shower yesterday evening the weather has been unbroken sunshine for at least week now. Yesterday we decided to have a look at Hanbury Hall. Now it seems that when we moored at the bottom of the Astwood locks the other day, we were only a short stroll across the fields away. From Droitwich it is about 3 1/2 miles! Still, we called at the  Eagle & Sun on the way and had the fish cakes from the two quid menu for lunch. For anyone on the fashionable 5/2 fasting days diet this would be a good selection.
The hall is a fine building with some superb wall and ceiling paintings depicting the classical story of Achilles. It was a very warm walk back across the fields so we called in at the pub for refreshments. The Captain had his eye on the sticky toffee pudding but I had to put my foot down and warned him "you'll spoil your dinner" so, after just the one drink we made our way back to the basin. (I think he has forgiven me).

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