Friday, 6 June 2014

June 6th

Hi readers,     Been a while since the last blog. We are at Kingswood Junction, again. Been a dodgy few days. The Captain has an infection. I blame his recent dip in the canal. We first moved down towards Hatton to find a doctor. Eventualy walked down Hatton locks to the cape and got sorted with antibiotics. Left a wee sample and that should have been that.
After heading back towards Kingswood and spending a day moored up in the rain we got back to the junction. Unfortunately the meds. Are not working and a blood sample is required. Seems we will be going back to Hatton for the third time. I guess we will be going down the locks and into Saltisford till things are resolved.
A more positive note, we have Eventualy met with Sue & Vic on No Problem. We have been keen to meet up for a long time since they are, like us, from Portsmouth. Another curiosity, we saw a turtle baking on a log near the Shrewley tunnel. I have heard they are common in some places but this is the first sighting of one. Those Ninjas have a lot to answer for!

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