Friday, 11 July 2014

11th. July

Guess what?
The call of the river was irresistible. A bit like ratty in Wind in the Willows. We got a through licence and started back up stream towards Stratford. Had a splendid day day back to Pershore. Met Mr speedy on his way back downstream. He had a bow wave like the Queen Mary and could easily have towed a water skier! Luckily we were on a wide stretch of the river.
Yesterday, after another stop for Asda, well you always forget something,  we carried on, intending to get to Evesham. Men can be such schoolboys sometimes. I found the Captain howling with laughter over the  map. No, it wasn't the prospect of going through Wyre Piddle. It was the sight of Tiddle Widdle island on the map that had him doubled up!! Oh well.
It was a superb day for cruising. Sun shining and no reason to hurry. We didn't make it to Evesham. As we rounded a bend we were presented with the most perfect mooring, secluded with grass all cut just begging for the chairs to go out followed by a glass of wine. The thought soon became a reality and there we stayed moored on the flood poles. For our non boating readers the poles are to allow the boats to rise up in times of flood, and not get stranded on the bank when the water recedes. This might look a bit excessive but a look at the 2007 flood level marker 5feet above the lock side shows how important they are.
This morning we finally got to Evesham and found the Old Swan Inn (yes, it's a spoons)  and managed to post the blog. It was a good couple of hours, passing the very picturesque Chadbury mill, with its huge weir, very scary. Going into Evesham you pass a ferry with wires across the river. Three hoots and the ferryman lowers the ropes to let you pass over them, hopefully.

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