Tuesday, 1 July 2014

1st July.

Early start today, heading for the river Severn. We moved off our pier in Droitwich basin about 8.00 am and onto the water point. Also about to leave was another boat, Gungadai (I think that's how it's spelled). Fortunately they waited for us at the first lock and we shared the work down the 8 locks onto the river.

 It's been a lovely warm day, sun sparkling on the water, just the way you always dream of it.

Exiting the last lock and going out onto the wide expanse of the river was a revelation. Oakapple loves the depth and raced off downstream as soon as the captain wound up the speed wheel. Although narrow boats are made for the canals they do perform so much better with a bit of water around them.  You can just see in the picture, Gungadai racing along behind us.
Just the one river lock before Worcester. They are huge compared with the narrow canal locks. Main advantage is they are all manned and worked automatically. Just a case of holding on with bow and stern ropes. We moored up by the racecourse in bright sunshine just in time for lunch.

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