Saturday, 5 July 2014

5th. July

Back down river.
After some discussion we have decided to see a bit more of the river Severn and go on down to Tewkesbury. The only snag was that we needed diesel, so, nothing for it but to go up the two pairs of staircase locks into the basin yesterday morning. It was chaos! Hire boats coming down who had no clue how to work a staircase lock, and a boatyard man trying to speed them on their way and giving orders to all and sundry. The Captain gave him short shrift however and had to stop him winding all the paddles up in one go. Eventually we got into the basin and onto the diesel dock where we were served with 130ltrs of fuel by a man of very few words. About six during the whole process! Captain worked out that since we last filled up six weeks ago we have used an average of less than 4ltrs of fuel a day. Not bad for an engine that is over 60yrs old. We eventually claimed the last visitors mooring near the services. Couldn't resist a wander round the fairground. Very nostalgic.
After a night in the basin we awoke to the sound of heavy rain but by 8am it had mostly stopped and we made our way back down onto the river. There was so much water in the basin that we struggled to open the gate into the first staircase. At least it was much more civilised at that time of the morning.
Fine trip down river as far as Worcester. Sun came out by lunch time and we are currently moored back by the racecourse.

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