Sunday, 6 July 2014

6th July

On down the river.
Had a great evening on the mooring at Worcester yesterday. As we sat on deck watching the rowers on the river we spotted a black animal scurrying up and down the opposite bank. From it's undulating gait it was obviously an Otter. I don't know how common Otters are on the Severn but it is something we have rarely seen.
Got up early this morning ready to be at Diglis lock when the lock keeper goes on duty at 8.00am. As we arrived at the lock there was no sign of life. The gates were shut and the red and green lights in darkness. We moored on the lock landing to await developments. Eventually we were informed that the Lockie was sick and that a replacement would be there in half an hour. After filling the water tank and making coffee things sprung into life. The gates opened and the lights turned green. In we went along with another boat which had just arrived. The lock was huge and both boats looked lost in it.
We were soon on our way the 16 miles downstream to Tewkesbury. The sun shone, Cormorants dried their wings on the mooring poles, a perfect morning.
We almost missed the turn into the cut to the Avon lock, very poorly signposted, well that's what the Captain claimed, and arrived at the lock just as the lock keeper started his lunch break. Oh well, nothing for it but to follow suit. At 2pm on the dot the gates opened, the light turned green and we were locked up onto the Avon to find a mooring in Tewkesbury.
After taking a look at the beautiful Abbey we found the local Wetherspoons to seek out some wifi and a Sunday roast.

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