Tuesday, 8 July 2014

8th. July

Two great days on the Avon.

We left our mooring in Tewkesbury yesterday morning heading upstream through the crooked arch of  king Johns bridge. The river soon opened out into a wide stretch past the marina. We liked the variety of boats at Stourport but here we also saw sailing boats as well. We planned to go as far as Pershore with just two locks to do. The Avon has a very different character to the Severn with  the locks self operated the same as on the canal. We arrived in Pershore by mid afternoon and spent a pleasant time exploring this fine Georgian town and the splendid abbey.
We were moored below the old bridge, which was blown up by the retreating army during the civil war. You can see the different stone used to rebuild the centre arch which is a different shape to the rest. The Captain had doubts about the width of the river so this morning we went up through Pershore lock and moored at the recreation ground to visit Asda for supplies.
By 10.00am we were ready to turn the boat and head back downstream back to Tewkesbury. Not so warm today, even had a shower or two, but still a pleasant days cruising. Just one hiccup, the only sharp bend on the river (called the swans neck for obvious reason) produced a hire boat on full throttle. Guess what? The blow was mostly a glancing one fortunately but I hope it put the wind up them. If only they would slow down a bit when required.
Arrived back at Tewkesbury about 3ish. The moorings were full but we breasted up alongside a black prince boat. Hope they don't want to leave too early in the morning. (Wouldn't want to be out in our PJs untying ropes).
Enjoyed our time on the Avon. Wish now we had got a through licence and gone all the way to Stratford. Still, always another day.

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