Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Doing the'Bascote Shuffle'

We left the Saltisford arm midday on Sunday after a chat with Jo andKieth on Hadar who look after some of the gardens at the arm. Sun still shining and a fine day for the trawl through Leamington. We were soon out in the countryside again and finally moored below Welsh road lock.
We contacted our friends Colin & Katie who are fitting out their new wide beam boat at Long Itchington and arranged to meet yesterday. Just five locks between us, two of them being the staircase at Bascote. Now the perceived wisdom is that boats cannot pass in a staircase lock, however this does not apply to wide ones. As we entered the lower lock there were two boats arriving at the top. In came the first boat and after some persuasion the second followed, making three boats in the staircase. With the middle gates open we shuffled the boats, swooping locks and continued on our way. Just don't be tempted to try it with four boats!
Yesterday afternoon we were treated to a tour of the new wide beam. A very impressive amount of space. It will be a lovely vessel when it is complete. Can' t wait to see it finished, however the price you pay for the space is only cruising the wide canals and rivers. We were also given a look at the workshop at Colecraft where several shells are being completed. Very interesting to see how it's done.
We had a great evening on board their narrowboat Fratie yesterday. Sitting on deck till after dark. All in all, a very interesting day.

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