Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hells Bells! It's the Morris men again

We strolled into Warwick after lunch today. If you are a regular follower you may recall the pics. Of the Morris dancers in the town centre. Well there they were again. Seems there is a folk festival happening this weekend and we  were just in time to catch the parade of Morris men. We were very impressed with the range of costumes the different groups were decked out in. One particular troup were all in black and came down the road like a thunder storm. Now edgy is not an expression you normally associate with Morris dancing but they definitely had that feel about them. All in all it was a great afternoons entertainment.
After spending the rest of the afternoon sitting out in the sunshine we decided to see what music was on offer on the stage in the square. Well, when something is billed as a folk festival you kind of assume that there will be some folk music. Nothing wrong with what was there, but folk it was not.
As I write this blog the band at the 'Dun Cow' opposite our mooring has just started playing. It' rock music and sounds pretty good. Best get this posted and pour another glass!

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