Thursday, 31 July 2014

Usual Chaos in Braunston

After coffee with Colin & Katie we moved on up Stockton locks, sharing most of them with NB Fandango. Although he was single handed he did his share of the work and we seemed to get to the top in no time. We said farewell after Calcutt as he was going into Wigrams. We went as far as Flecknoe where we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon in the sunshine.
Yesterday saw a slow run into Braunston, where we found a mooring opposite the Boathouse where we were tempted to a fine lunch on the terrace. This was after walking to the bottom lock to find Joe & Lesley on NB Yarwood who are there having work done.
We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on deck with a book, and watching the usual chaos that surrounds the Braunston moorings. Late PM there was the Tonk Tonk of a Lister starting up as the boat, Draco with its butty  set off towards the locks. As they reached the A45 bridge another boat heading out of the village appeared, at speed. Now a full length boat with a butty towing behind does not stop and reverse for anything and we saw the other boat bounce off the bridge. They took so long to sort themselves out that the Captain had time to run down and take some pics.
Lesley &Joe joined us on board for a drink and catchup  in the evening. As we were starting our second glass along came NB Caxton which was originally owned by Lesley &Joe  and now owned by George & Sue who are also fellow bloggers. Oakapple, Yarwood and Caxton were all built by Barnowl Narrow Boats and are three fine examples of his work.
This morning the Captain decided the brass needed polishing so I put my feet up and supervised while he set to work on the portholes,Eventually   getting round to the 1941 Naval companionway lamp which he is very proud of. Despite a  copious amount of rubbing  he failed to coax a Genie out of the lamp, so, with his three wishes unfulfilled it was hung back on its bracket gleaming superbly.


  1. Hope you having a good times me an Kev missed our boat this weekend as we revamping our kitchen at home would be fab to meet you again never been on a blog before

    1. Hi Julie we will be up the shroppie later this year hope to meet up then