Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Catching up with old friends.

After our busy day on the railway we have moved on to Shenton where we planned to catch up with friends. The first leg was from Shackerstone to Market Bosworth. A relatively short run, but we wanted to walk into the village to visit the Co-op for supplies. After filling the shopping trolley with some essentials, we were drawn into Ye Olde Red Lion to sample some of the real ale on offer, settling for a pint of Harvest Gold, Mmmm!
On the way back down the hill to the canal we spotted an effigy of a World War 1 soldier lurking amongst the flowers in the garden of a superb thatched cottage. Obviously part of the 100yrs anniversary commemorations scattered around the village.
Our friend from NB Faith visited in the evening, bringing a few beers to lubricate the conversation.
Yesterday we had an even shorter run. After filling the water tank we set off for the mile and a half to Shenton to join NB Faith where we were welcomed with coffee. Everyone knows the Ashby is a slow canal but there is always an arse who can't leave the M1 mentality behind. On this occasion he came racing up behind us and after shouting for us to move over, (almost impossible on this stretch), roared past us like he was in the outside lane.   Sad but fortunately very rare.
Evening saw the three of us driving down to Long Itchington to meet up with our friends Colin & Katie from NB Fratie. After inspecting the progress of their new wide beam, we assembled in the Two Boats pub for an excellent meal followed by a superb apple pie on board NB Fratie. We got back on board our boats well after midnight. It was a clear night and the stars were very bright in the much cooler sky. There seems to be very little light pollution around the northern end of the Ashby Canal.


  1. We met Colin and Katie when we were moored behind them at Long Itching ton llast weekend. Now at Wooten Wawen.

    1. Hi Lesley they are a lovely couple , glad you met them.
      Enjoy the Avon
      sharon &Richard