Thursday, 14 August 2014

My Kingdom for a Horse?

Yes, we are at Bosworth field. After moving on from Hinkley it was a slow trip as far as the visitor moorings at Sutton Cheyney. Luckily there was only one boat on the offside jetty which is our mooring of preference when we visit the battlefield centre. Of course we all know now that the battle actually took place a mile and a half away, but, hey, let's not spoil a good story with the truth! We always enjoy the walk round the site, and invariably visit Shenton station for an ice cream and, if it' s the right day, a sight of the steam train. Unfortunately yesterday was a diesel, but there will be steam at the weekend, especially since they will be commemorating the anniversary of the battle.
Today we moved on and caught up with NB Faith near to Shenton. Over numerous cups of tea we enthralled him with tales of our travels over the last few months and arranged to meet again next week.
We reluctantly moved on mid afternoon and bagged the last mooring space at Market Bosworth where I am writing this blog over a sundowner and a tub of Pringles. (Not the whole tub ! )
Hoping to catch up with NB What a Lark who is down here somewhere. It's a dead end. They can't escape!

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