Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Onto the Ashby canal

We are back on board after a 24hr delay on the strength of the weather forecast. Seems Hurricane Bertha failed to live up to expectations. Still, we are here now. We left the mooring this morning in very breezy conditions but the wind caught us just so and we shot out of the marina onto the canal without touching the bow thruster. Once on the canal the wind seemed to evaporate as it usually does and we had a good run up to Hawksbury junction. After some debate we resisted the temptations of the Greyhound pub and made the tight U turn, heading past charity dock (scruffy as ever but still makes us smile) and turned onto the Ashby canal.
This canal is known to be shallow and needs some dredging, but it's a shame it was being done today. The man operating the dredger waved us on through the gap and we ended up firmly aground. It was only with some very determined effort with the pole that we managed to get off and on our way again. Hopefully it will be a bit deeper by the time we return.
We had hoped to catch up with a friend of ours on board NB Faith who is generally moored in the area, however, no sign of him yet. Maybe further on towards Bosworth.
We decided to stop at the Lime Kilns moorings for the night. As I write there are still boats passing looking for a mooring. Looks like the Ashby is the place to be this summer.

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