Monday, 25 August 2014

Revisiting the battle of Bosworth.

We have spent the last few days enjoying the area round Sutton Cheyney. We moved on to the wharf ready for the bank holiday weekend on Friday 22nd August which was the 529th anniversary of the battle of Bosworth. The occasion is always marked by the laying of red or white roses, depending on which side of the conflict you favour. The white roses are usually laid by the Richard 111 society who seem to be in the majority. Part of the sundial memorial on the top of Ambion hill incorporates three seats. One for Richard, one for Henry, and one for Lord Stanley, who allegedly held back his men until it was clear who was winning, before joining in for end game. Richards seat was covered with white roses. Henry's seat had just a few red ones, Stanley the cad obviously has no admirers.
We have had a quiet weekend, strolling round the Battlefield centre and visiting Shenton station to enjoy the steam trains running over the bank Holliday.
Raining today, ( what can you expect on August BH Monday ), but we have  moved towards Market Bosworth for a last meet up with our friends before heading back to the Coventry Canal.


  1. Currently moored at Hawkesbury Junction waiting out the rain! Intending to head onto the Ashby Canal either Tuesday or Wednesday. Will look out for you!!
    Gary and Della

    1. Hoping to moor at Stoke Golding offside moorings weds and Hinckley on Thursday. Hope we can meet up. Will look out for you,

      Richard & Sharon

  2. You should have thrown a white rose on there as you passed.! Poor old Richard. I wonder if Emma sees this ?