Friday, 29 August 2014

Visiting the Last Plantagenet

We moored at Stoke Golding around midday and had a stroll up to the village. It was at Crown Hill where Henry, the victor at Bosworth was unoficialy crowned after the battle.
Moving on yesterday we managed to catch up with friends on NB Muleless who we knew were heading up the Ashby Canal.  After coffee and a chat we carried on to Hinckley and just squeezed onto the last space near the wharf before walking into town to find Wetherspoons and Thursday's curry club.
Today it seemed like a good idea to catch the bus to Leicester to investigate the last gasp of the wars of the roses, first visiting the Cathederal where Richard 111 is to be interred next March. There is a lot of building work going on in preparation, including two new stained glass windows to be installed. There is a new Richard111 visitor centre close by, however, at £7 a go, we felt there was not much new to be learned. By now it was mid afternoon, and, feeling peckish, we sought out one of the three spoons in Leicester, for some fish and chips. This particular pub is called 'The Last Plantagenet', after King Richard, who's demise led to the founding of the Tudor Dynasty. We felt this rounded up the whole Battle of Bosworth thing, and we are now fit to move on to pastures new.

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