Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Social Whirl?

Sorry. No pictures on todays blog. The weather has somewhat changed from the sunshine we have got used to and has been damp and drizzly for the last couple of days. Not the kind of weather for photographic inspiration.
We had a great evening with our friends, Colin and Katie. I rustled up a cashew nut paella which is usually a guaranteed success. Katie brought along a fine crumble made with blackberries harvested from the hedgrows. Don't you just love the towpath freebies which are there for the taking this time of year. We sent them on their way full to bursting. Well, that's what those kind of evenings are for: isn't it?
Yesterday morning the rain started but we invited Dick and Sue from NB Frog on board for coffee and,by the time we were ready to move off, it had abated to just drizzle. The cruise along the rest of the winding summit level was pleasant, but damp and misty, at one point seeing the same farmhouse from three different sides as the canal twists around the hill it stands on.
We came down the two Marston Doles locks and moored below the first of the Napton flight, once again opposite the field of water buffalos. NB Frog was soon moored behind us, after following along the summit.
We were invited on board 'Frog' yesterday evening for drinks. A game of Uno was mentioned, however we did so much talking that the cards never made it to the party. Unfortunately this time of year brings out the Daddy Long Legs, (crane flys) who gatecrashed the pary in droves and were ejected by Sue with a newspaper.
This morning dawned with more mist and rain but, braving it we moved on down the Napton locks and made it into Braunston where we are now moored in our usual spot opposite the 'Boathouse'. If you are wondering, we resisted going in. (We did however walk up the locks for a pint in the Nelson)
Well sometimes it has to be done!

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