Thursday, 18 September 2014

Coffee with the Frogs

Not real frogs, obviously. Dick and Sue are the owners of a lovely 30ft. tug style boat called 'Frog' who we previously met at Brinklow. They arrived at Banbury whilst we had sneaked off to spoons for the steak club offer on Tuesday.
We had left Aynho Wharf  about 9.00 am just as the mist was lifting. It was a fine trip, with the sun gradually getting stronger till, by the time we got to Banbury it was quite hot. Yesterday morning we popped over the canal to say hello to Dick and Sue and spent an hour on board Frog before setting off towards Cropredy. Whilst we were filling the water tank, Frog came past us to moor above the lock. We intended to go a bit further and finally moored below Claydon locks in a very quiet spot. We set off at 8.00am this morning to go up the Claydon lock flight onto the summit level. Again quite misty but has turned into a lovely day for mid September.
We are now at Fenny Wharf waiting for Colin and Katie from NB Fratie, to pop over for dinner this evening. While we were in the Wharf Inn for a lunch time pint who should arrive but NB Frog. I guess it gives a whole new meaning to the expression, 'leap Frogging'
The Wharf Inn is a fine old pub which has a great 2 for £10 afternoon deal. It was hard to resist, but since I am cooking tonight, we had to be strong willed. The beams in the bar are decorated with some interesting slogans. Had to take the picture.

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