Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Surprise Meetings

Yes, we are back on board and moored back in Braunston.it is not where we planned to be at this stage in our cruise but, since we have family visiting this week, it seems a good place to meet up and show them some of the canal features here.

Leaving Brinklow yesterday lunch time we headed south through the Newbold tunnel. As we emerged who should we see but NB Muleless moored at the water point. It was a nice suprise as we were under the impression they were in Coventry. After drifting around alongside for a while we arranged to meet at Hillmorton. On our way through Rugby the Captain spotted a couple of fenders floating by, and since he can't resist a freebie, we just had to reverse back and pluck them from the water. By this time Muleless had caught us up and we cruised together to Hillmorton where we had a great afternoon sitting out in the late sunshine catching up with all the gossip.
After separating to cook our respective meals, we met up again on board Oakapple for a very enjoyable evening.
This morning it was fairly misty but that soon cleared to give us a warm trip up the locks. Still plenty of work going on with the locks but as they are paired, there was not much delay and we had a very pleasant run into Braunston where we found a good mooring near the marina.

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