Saturday, 6 September 2014

The View from the Crown?

We left Hawksbury after the beer festival heading towards Brinklow. It was a grey and wet morning but we hoped to bump into NB Caxton who we knew were heading our way. It happened almost literally on the first bend as we left the mooring. We managed to drift around and have a chat before going our separate ways.
The day continued to get wetter but at least there was no wind. We arrived at Brinklow marina around midday and were greeted by John and Eric who directed us to an empty pier where we could leave Oakapple for a few days while we returned home.
I think most of us find it difficult to stay indoors when we are home and we often drift into our town centre and the local Spoons: The Crown. While sitting at our favourite table in the window you can see all of life passing by in the pedestrianised precinct. As the Captain was returning from the bar I spotted a paramedic's car stopped outside the shops. I could not believe my eyes. A traffic warden strolled round it, wrote out a ticket and stuck it on the window and then proceeded to photograph the offender. She must be the ultimate 'jobsworth'. Shame on you!
On a much lighter note, we saw the cutest little dog attached to a railing  outside. Now it's fair to say the Captain is a bit of a Mutt Slut. He is known to fondle any dog that wags its tail at him. If our food hadn't just arrived he'd have been out there. I suppose I'm lucky. Some blokes treat women that way!
After our short stay at home we are now looking forward to returning back to Oakapple tomorrow.

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