Friday, 17 October 2014

Lunch at the Cinema?

As we moored opposite Shugborough Hall at Great Haywood the Captain announced that we had a problem. It seems the batteries weren't charging properly. After some poking around with a meter he decided we needed some advice, so we strolled up to the Anglo Welsh boatyard at the junction. A very helpful chap said "bring her up and we'll have a look" No sooner said than done, and we were soon moored in the yard, plugged in. By this time they were about to pack up for the day so yesterday morning they were back on board to investigate the problem. It seems that new parts are needed which could not be obtained but the chap worked out a 'Wizard Wheeze' involving a wire and crocodile clips which should see us through to our winter mooring in November when we can get it sorted properly.
All praise to the Guys at Anglo Welsh for their help and the overnight mooring, for which they charged us nothing.
We were on our way by lunchtime, but only as far as Tixal Wide for the night. It is a lovely spot, just like a lake with oodles of wildlife.

This morning we set off as far as Radford bridge which we read is the nearest access to Stafford. A mile and a half walk took us to the town centre. It is a lovely town with a fine museum in an old Tudor house which had royal connections during the civil war.
After some exploring we found ourselves in Spoons for some lunch. This one is also an ex. Cinema but unlike the one in Rugeley, this is still called The Picture House. Nothing much has changed inside except for tables instead of rows of seats. As I used to work in cinema's for several years i found it strangely nostalgic. The bar is under the screen, where they still show films onWednesdays  and Sundays. We think this is now our favourite Spoons but this will obviously need more research!!!

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