Friday, 3 October 2014

There and Back

We have been joined by our Grandaughter and her boyfriend for a trip up to Norton junction and back. It has made a change to have a surplus of crew, very welcome for the six Braunston locks. They were brought up to us by our Daughter, who joined us for the first leg to the tunnel mouth. We had a good run up the flight yesterday in warm sunshine, and stopped above the top lock. After some lunch we all walked back down to Braunston to say farewell to our Daughter who had to return home.
Just above the second lock we spotted a Dove which had got into the canal and was clearly in trouble. Luckily it was near the bank and we soon effected a rescue. Emma, being a vetinary nurse, knew what to do and popped the bird into her pocket to recover. By the time we had walked to the bottom lock it was showing signs of recovery and we deposited the bird in the hedgerow to hopefully fly away.

After walking back to Oakapple. Via the Admiral Nelson, we set off through Braunston tunnel and were soon at Norton Junction where we found a mooring just under the bridge in the Leicester Branch.
Our visitors have to be home on Sunday, so, reluctantly, we reversed Oakapple back through the bridge this morning and turned again for the trip through the tunnel and down Braunston locks. Pairing up in the locks made it an easy run down and, although moorings were in short supply, we just fitted into the last space at the Boathouse, where, since it's the pub mooring, we may be forced to go in later this afternoon.

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