Monday, 20 October 2014

Trouble at the locks.

After our brief interlude in Stafford we decided to move out into the countryside for the weekend. At the second lock of the day there seemed to be a lot of head scratching going on at the paddle gear. With boats waiting to go up as well as down, it seemed that the ground paddle would not go down. One of the floating weed islands had gone down the sluice and jammed the whole caboodle. Eventually, with the help of a rake from one of the waiting boats, it was cleared enough to allow the boats to move on. Needless to say, we didn't risk using that paddle.
We moored up just after Lynhill Bridge behind NB Swamp Frogs who we have been 'leapfrogging' all the way from Braunston since the beginning of October. We invited Susie & Robbie on board Saturday evening for drinks. Great company. Thanks guys.
Sunday was a lazy day. Walked down to the Cross Keys for a pint before cooking Sunday lunch and waiting to see who got voted off  the dancing. Poor old Tim. Great Passo though!!

Today we got as far as Boggs lock before finding yet another queue. A boat that passed us about 9.00 ish last night had left the paddles up and drained the pound. The C&RT boys were on the case but it was over two hours before the level was back up enough to start moving. Amongst the boats waiting to come down the locks was NB Festina Lente. I have been following their blog for some time so it was good to meet at last, if only briefly. After using the services at Gailey we arrived at Coven about four o clock. A long day for so few miles.

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