Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wild Nights & Scrabble Days

With the remains of a hurricane forecast to cross the UK Monday night into Tuesday we decided to stay put on our mooring near the 'Fox and Anchor' at Coven. A bit apprehensive as there were a lot of trees close by, still we were sheltered from the worst of the wind. It certainly howled in the night and increased even more through Tuesday. Days like that there is only one thing to do. We get out the scrabble game. Invariably the Captain wins. For someone who is totaly rubbish with anagrams, I don't know how he does it. Still, I only lost by about 30 points. By our standards that is almost a victory. Afternoon came and we popped into the Fox & Anchor for a pint while the storm blew itself out.
This morning dawned fine and clear as we unmoored and set off towards Wolverhampton. Towards autherley junction there is a narrow cutting with laybys for passing. Of course we met our first boat on the move right in the middle. By lunch time we had arrived at Wightwick. A slight detour from our plaaned route since we wanted to visit Wightwick Manor, a NT property.
It turned out to be a splendid Victorian/Edwardian house, decorated in William Morris wallpapers and fabrics. It was a fascinating visit, an afternoon well spent.
Thinking about a bus trip to Bridgnorth tomorrow before turning to head up the Shroppie past the Wolverhampton boat club at the weekend. If Kev. & Julie are still following the blog we will look out for you. It would be good to meet up again.

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