Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Iron and Stone

This morning we set off from Tattenhall Marina soon after 9.00am. We have been there for a couple of days just relaxing. Although we are self sufficient it is good to be plugged in to the mains and be able to switch things on without the Captain twitching about the state of the batteries.
There was some rain for the first hour or so but it had cleared by the time we reached the first of the two Beeston locks. This one is called iron lock and is constructed from iron plates to overcome the problems caused by the sand it is built on. The Captain pointed out that there are no ladders or handholds built into the sides. Woe betide anyone who falls in!
The second lock is more conventionally built of stone, hence it's name, stone lock. One curiosity is the small round buildings on the locksides. I can only assume they were shelters for the people who worked the locks. By the time we reached Barbridge Junction the sun had come out and we had seen four Kingfishers, two of them sitting together on a fence watching us cruise by.
Turning at the junction towards Middlewich, we cruised on till nearly dusk when we were treated to a glorious sunset over the village of Church Minshull.


  1. Wot no "Spoons"!! Come on now, we are relying on you to check them all out before we come north!!
    Sounds like you are enjoying your cruise. Tell the Captain that the new Pink Floyd album is out and Gary says it is FAB!

    1. Yes what a travesty no spoons . The captain says he will check out the new pink floyd album . We are having a great time , the canals are much less busy here .