Monday, 17 November 2014

Off to the Hall

It is a lovely mooring by the restored railings, with fine views across the fields full of cows. Only thing is; they can be noisy b.........d's. Still, it is the countryside. On Sunday we set off across the fields to Little Morton Hall. I must confess to being nervous of the cows and lagged behind somewhat, but the Captain  kept chivying me along  and we soon reached the hall. Good job we wore our wellies as it was a tad sticky in places. Changing our shoes at the entrance we crossed the moat and had a guided tour of the fantastic Tudor  hall with it's courtyard and black and white timbers. The long gallery has a floor that goes up and down like waves, due to subsidence over the centuries.
After making our way back past the cows we settled down to a Sunday lunch, (cooked by yours truly), and watched the 'strictly results'.
This morning we had a slow chug into Congleton and moored on the wharf. After a gentle stroll down the hill into town we found ourselves in 'Spoons' where I am writing this blog. This pub was the local bank. One part used to be the strong room and has a vaulted iron ceiling, presumably to stop thieves breaking through to the dosh!
We plan to spend a day or so here before making our way back towards Stoke and booking passage through the Harecastle Tunnel.

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