Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Old Man of Mow

Yesterday it was time to turn Oakapple to head towards the Harecastle tunnel for our passage through on Friday. After a last walk into Congleton for supplies the Captain cast loose the ropes and attempted to turn the boat in the wide at the wharf. Unfortunately it is not that deep and the stern got onto the bottom and stuck fast. After a lot of forward and reverse, along with shoving with the pole, we were assisted by NB Saphire who threw us a rope and pulled us off. Thanks guys.
Back on our old mooring by the restored railings, we set off this morning to walk up to Mow Cop. It is quite a climb, but is usually worth it for the views from the top. Unfortunately today has been misty but still worth the effort. The ruin on top is a 'folly', built by a local bigwig to use as a summer house. You can see in the pictures the 'Old Man of Mow', (not the one in the hat, that's the Captain) ,  which is a curious rock formation which looks quite lifelike from certain angles. One thing about climbing up these places, it's so much quicker coming down and we now have our feet up with a cup of tea. Ahhh!

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