Saturday, 29 November 2014

Settling in for Winter

Wednesday saw us moving down the four Locks through Stone. As we exited the last lock there were three work boats waiting to go up, on their way for the planned maintenance work which starts next week, and which has dictated our timetable over the last few weeks.
It was very damp and murky as we entered Aston Marina and we were thankful to get settled on our pier and plugged into the mains power.
Yesterday we caught the bus into Stafford to collect some train tickets we had ordered online and took the oportunity to do some Xmas. shopping. There are some interesting places dotted around the town. We discovered the old court house which is set up with cardboard figures representing the Judge, Jury, and other court officials. Regular readers may remember I talked about the Rugeley poisoner a while back on our travels. He was not tried in this courthouse because it was thought a local jury would be biased so the trial took place at the Old Bailey, however he was returned to Stafford and hanged outside the Jail here in front of a crowd of 25,000 spectators.
There is also a small lockup, where less serious offenders, (drunks probably), were put overnight. Shame it is not still in use!

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