Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Can anyone play the Piano?

It's been a busy week. We have had time at home sorting out the house and catching up with friends and family. We have been working towards the idea of living on board full time for a while now and the opportunity presented itself in the shape of our grandaughter who is moving into our house.
This allows us to keep our address and also be independent.
The last few days have been taken up with clearing bedrooms and rearranging furniture. The biggest item was moving the piano into the dining room where it belongs. It reminded me of the old story about army recruits. The Sergeant says  "can anyone play  the piano?" Two muppets step forward. TheSergeant  says " good: get over to the mess. the piano needs shifting to the drill hall".
Why are they so heavy? I'd rather be doing a flight of locks.
We arrived back at Aston  this afternoon after a relatively easy drive. (I just sat there whilst the captain drove)
We have some Xmas shopping to finish fefore, hopefully, some festivities.

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