Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Poor Cindrella, Missed the Ball!

On Wednesday we drove back north to Stone, where the Captain had an appointment with the dentist. (Rather him than me)
Xmas shopping day on Friday. We caught the bus into Stoke, wizzed round the shops and got back just in time to be invited to the 'Royal Exchange' for a pint or two with Andy &Sue and Dot & Gordon, who are also wintering in Aston.
This is when things started to go horribly wrong. I could not understand why I was cold in the pub when everyone else was warm. By Saturday I had a severe dose of the flu but managed to help get Oakapple onto the diesel point as we needed filling up for the winter. (200ltrs)
Sunday was the event I had been looking forward to, the boaters Xmas dinner at Spoons in Stone. There was no way I could have gone. I had to insist the Captain went on his own (it was character building for him) but he had a great time while Cinderella stayed home. (Ahhh!) if you look at Festina Lente's blog you can see more pics of the gathering.
We managed to fish out the Xmas Decs. today so things can only get better.

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