Sunday, 25 January 2015

All the usual suspects?

It has been a quiet week. We were promised some of the white stuff, but in the end it was just damn cold. The marina iced up again and we were woken up one morning by the swans crunching through the ice like a fleet of icebreakers.
On thursday it thawed and the Captain took the oportunity to get off the pier and reverse down to the service dock for some diesel. Seems the cooking and central heating has used nearly 100ltrs. since we came in at the end of November.
On Friday we met up with all the usual suspects at the Exchange in Stone for a pint or three. It was the usual hilarious gathering, almost breaking into song at one point.
We were invited on board NB Ewn Ha Cul by Dot & Gordon afterwards to help scoff  a chicken and chickpea curry which had been bubbling away ready for us. It was delicious, and with the banana and mango tart the captain had made, we returned to Oakapple full to bursting.
On saturday we all caught the bus to Stoke to visit a store which stocks a vast range of world foods before returning to Newcastle under Lyme where we found the local Spoons for lunch.

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