Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Christmas roundup.

We are now back on board for the new year after a great time with all the family for Xmas.
We spent the big day in the traditional fashion. Turkey with all the trimmings followed by a race with the dogs for the best chairs. As usual the dogs won.
It was a bit of a slow journey back, with the M6 very busy, however we were looking forward to the new years eve gathering at the Royal Exchange in Stone. Some of the gang were missing as they are moving a boat for friends and battling the ice which has had the boats in its grip for the last few days. Looking across the marina felt like we were on a quest for the North West passage.
We had a fine time seeing the new year in, with some great company, both boaters and non boaters. This was preceeded by drinks and nibbles on board NB Ferndale which is moored above Star Lock in the town. (Thanks Diane)
We are having a quiet day today, catching up with chores which have been neglected during the holiday  period. The plan is to help  Diane with the locks tomorrow as she wants to move further into Stone. We might be forced to go to 'Spoons' after. Well, it is fish friday!

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