Sunday, 11 January 2015

At The Royal Exchange

Since the excitement of the 'Queen Concert' last week things have quietened down somewhat. We popped into Stafford the other day for some bits and pieces, but mostly for a trip out. The wind that hit the country this week howled across the marina setting us bobbing about on some quite big waves and had the captain tying down the lifebelt and spare fenders to stop them flying off down the canal.
It's times like that, you realise why we are in a marina for the winter, safely on a pier and plugged into the mains. The other bonus is having other boaters around to stop us getting bored. No chance of that on Friday when we all met up at the 'Royal Exchange' for a few jars and some lively banter. This pub is one of those rare places that is not trying to do the foody thing. It obviously pays as the place was full, even though it was only 6.00 pm. Great atmosphere with a roaring log fire had us all glowing. Well done to the Titanic Brewery. We have even got a loyalty card!
Yesterday we caught the bus to Hanley with Dot & Gordon to look for some pots and pans that are more suitable for the range. After finding some cast iron pots in TK Max (very reasonably priced) we inevitably ended up in 'Spoons' for lunch. Very curious building, once a slaughter house, and later a meat market. How do they find these fascinating places?

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