Sunday, 15 March 2015

I Can't believe it!!!

Yes, it's true. Yesterday we spent the afternoon watching the rugby. Those of you who know us will find that hard to believe, but, since the rest of the gang were going, and as it was being shown in a brewery as part of their beer festival we tagged along.
Although, initially, we expected to be bored by the game, it came as a suprise to find that it was rather more entertaining than we had feared. It obviously helped that there were some fine examples of the brewers art on offer, some of the alcohol content needing a measure of restraint.
Rugby fans will know that Wales beat Ireland, and England beat Scotland, however it was the beer that won hands down. (Just a personal opinion).
Making room for the evening ticket holders, we weaved our way down the hill back to Stone where we had a fine meal in the Indian restaurant, finally getting back on board in an overpriced taxi around 10.00pm.

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