Thursday, 19 March 2015

Pastures new (for some)

It's getting to that time of the year when we are getting ready to go our separate ways. The jobs that have been put off all winter have now become urgent but, hey ho, that's human nature.
We gathered up in Spoons on Sunday morning for breakfast as a kind of a farewell, followed on Tuesday eve. for another farewell in the  Exchange, this time there were 13 boaters present, moving on to Spoons for Steak Club afterwards.
Ray & Diane finally made a break for it on Wednesday, heading south. Those of us who are still in Aston marina gathered on the hill to wave and shout good natured insults as they passed. We all hope to have the oportunity to catch up with them later in the year.
Yesterday the sun almost put in an appearance, prompting us to make a visit to Shugborough hall. Been there before but it is an impressive house and well worth another look.
The Captain needed to go to Stafford afterwards to collect his new specs. So, inevitably we ended up in Spoons for a late lunch.
A spur of the moment decision, prompted by a buy one, get one free offer on a flyer, led us to the Gatehouse Theatre getting two tickets for 'The Circus of Horrors'.
It was an interesting show. Not knowing what to expect, we think we enjoyed it.
The Captain seemed to be smitten by the girls in fishnets & suspenders but I can't quite say the sword swallower quite did the same for me. Still, for only a tenner each, it actually was a good evening.

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