Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Sent to Coventry

Yes, we were literally, sent to Coventry.  Nearly a year ago we bought some tickets to see ' the Unthanks' at the Warwick arts Centre. Having been fans of this folk group for some time, it seemed the perfect oportunity to see them live on stage. The plan was to cruise down to Warwick, stroll  into town, and make a day of it. Of course, when the tickets arrived we discovered that the venue is actually in Coventry at the University.
Changing tack somewhat,  we set of in the car on Sunday morning to first drive down to Long Itchington where some friends are fitting out a wide beam at the Colecraft yard. It was great to catch up with them and see the progress since we saw them last summer. It will be an impressive boat when it is finished, the space on board is staggering.
Leaving them to their work we had a fine Sunday lunch in the Two Boats, before driving off to Coventry to find the venue for our concert. I wonder how we used to manage before we had SatNav's? It directed us straight there and into a multistorey car park. Sally Satnav might sound like she is nagging but she does the biz.
Being one of the first to buy tickets we had the choice of seats, opting for the middle of the front row. It was perfect, the stage being only a foot or so high, it was like being on stage with them.
For those who are not familiar with the Unthanks, they are two sisters from Northumberland, backed by piano, trumpet and strings. Look them up on YouTube. Their blend of traditional and modern is unique.
After the show we moved out to the foyer where members of the group sold us the latest CD, and Becky and Rachel Unthank signed the cover for us.
It was nearly 11.00pm by the time we left, just in time to hit the closure of the M6 for overnight roadworks. The detour took us through parts of the midlands we knew by name only (Walsall), before rejoining the motorway and arriving back on board Oakapple at nearly 1.00am.
It was a long day but well worth it.

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