Friday, 13 March 2015

Tea for Two, or more?

On Wednesday afternoon Sue from Festina Lente organised a bun fight at the 'Dog and Doublet' in Sandon. It was quite a refined affair, with Earl Grey tea in bone china, dainty sandwiches, minus the crusts, and some delicious squares of fancy confectionary. This of course was just for the female members of the crews. The boys went thier own way, meeting up in Stone for a scenic tour of some of the well known hostelries in the town. Starting off in 'the Star', and finishing in the 'Royal Exchange, via a couple of pints in the 'Swan'. Us 'ladies' had a great afternoon doing what ladies do on such occasions, eventually heading for Stone to meet up with our Captains in the 'Exchange'.
It was with some trepidation that we peered through the window at our usual seat, but there they all were, mostly upright and looking quite sensible. Seems they can be trusted out on thier own.
With all that tea sloshing around inside us we were only to eager to exchange the foil wrapped leftovers for something in a glass.
All that remained was to finish of the evening round the corner in 'Spoons' for something to eat.
(It was the Captains made us do it). Well, dainty sandwiches can only keep one going for so long!

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