Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Down the Cheshire Locks

yesterday we set off towards Hardings Wood Junction, where the Macclesfield Canal joins the Trent & Mersey Canal. As soon as you make the turn under the bridge you hit the locks, sometimes known as heartbreak hill, but known to the old boatmen as the Cheshire locks. We negotiated the first twelve yesterday afternoon and moored at 'Snapes Aqueduct', a very quiet and rural setting.
By 9.00am today we were on our way down the rest of the 23 locks onto the Cheshire plain. Although they are quite continuous, they are not particularly hard work, and, being mostly paired, there is usually one at least partly in your favour. It has been a glorious day, hot and sunny, with very little wind. Perfect cruising weather.
By 4.30ish. we moored on the visitor moorings in Middlewich, leaving just the wide barge lock to do between here and the Anderton Lift which will take us down the 50ft onto the river Weaver.

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