Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Exploring the River Weaver

It's been a good couple of days on the Vale Royal moorings. The sun has been shining most of the time, even though there was an incredible frost on the ground yesterday morning.
On Saturday we walked downstream to explore Northwich. It's a town which, although an historic salt town, seems a bit sad. There are however some interesting buildings. Quite a lot of old timber framed premises, known as liftable buildings, designed to be jacked up to counteract the effects of subsidence caused by the local salt industry. Perhaps the most spectacular feature is the swing bridges that cross the river. They are huge, the one in the middle of town was the first electricaly powered swing bridge in Britain.

On Sunday morning we had the ladies from NB Large Marge on board for coffee, spending the rest of the day   relaxing over a traditional lunch.
Back to the walking yesterday, we went upstream to visit Winsford, passing on the way a huge salt mine. It was a good job we decided not to cruise up as the moorings for the town seemed a bit limited. We got back on board just as the showers started, giving us a spectacular rainbow. Very dificult to capture on a phone camera.
Today we turned the boat and headed downstream towards the first lock. Leaving at the same time was a boat called Eclipse, ( the name of our previous boat), so after contacting the lockkeeper we shared the locks down to Northwich where we are now moored at the town moorings. This Eclipse is a traditional boat, built by Hudsons, quite similar to Oakapple, and also powered by a Gardner 2 LW engine. The Captain was rather taken with the comparison between the two diferent  instalations.

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    Nice to meet you, see you again on the cut!

    Mike & Mary NB Eclipse