Sunday, 12 April 2015

In Search of Mr. Darcy

In spite of strong winds and rain forecast today we set out on the three mile walk to find Lyme Park estate with its fine old hall. This was the location for the infamous 'lake' scene in the BBC's adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.
As we aproached the hall I eagerly looked for the sight of Mr. Darcy emerging dripping from the waters of the lake in front of the building, but, no!! The Captain did offer to plunge in for me, but I guess even Colin Firth would have declined the experience on a day like today.
The house, as is common with a lot of these building of dark stone felt quite oppressive, especially under such grey skies. If Mr Darcy had really lived there no wonder he was such a gloomy b*****d!
Inside the furnishings are stunning, with some fine plasterwork on the ceilings. The carving on the paneling is by Grinling Gibbons and is very impressive. One room contained a collection of hats, stoles and other vintage dressing up items which the Captain made me try on, (honest!). Unfortunately the weather was not up to a tour of the gardens, so, after finishing in the house we made our way back through the estate to the canal where the rain started in earnest just as we arrived back on board Oakapple.
The pedometer app on my phone told us we had walked 10 miles in all. Not a bad trade off for the Sunday lunch we have just scoffed!

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