Saturday, 4 April 2015

Yippee! The Generator is running.

yes. Thanks to Paul, (ex. Caxton) our Generator is now functioning again after 15 months out of action and the attention of two Vetus agents who showed no interest in sorting it out for us. The list of failures so far; one battery charger, one charge splitter and one generator. The moral is, avoid specifying  Vetus equipment on your boat!
We left our mooring below Mow Cop, heading for Macclesfield. The wind had eased and by the time we had got through Congleton the sun was making an appearance. As we approached Bosley locks there was a message to say help was at hand in the form of Paul and Dot. Unfortunately, arriving at the locks we found that Dot had slipped in the mud and twisted her ankle. She was duly loaded into the boatmans cabin and negotiated the lock flight supervising with her foot up on a stool.
At the top Dot was sent off to A & E while we continued as far as the Gurnet Aqueduct, just short of Macclesfield.
Yesterday the rain returned and it was a wet journey most of the way to Bollington where we just squeezed into the last mooring near the huge Clarence mill, one of two that dominate this small town/village.
As promised, Paul came along this morning to have a look at the generator. He was confident that he could get it going and after some wizardry with some potions and some magic words, (at least I think that's what they were), the thing burst into life.  Many thanks Paul for your help and expertise.
After coffee on the towpath and home made pasties on board Dot & Gordons boat we returned to Oakapple where the Captain set to cleaning the brasswork, (sadly neglected over winter), while I hoovered and cleaned up inside.

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  1. Great to hear you finally got the generator running. My wife and I have been struggling with ours for many months now. Looks like I will have to just go out and get us a new one. This one did not last very long only had it for a couple months. Great post, keep up the good work. Kind regards.

    Jordon @ Verdegy