Tuesday, 12 May 2015

An Entertaining Weekend

After leaving the river Weaver we planned to meet up with our friends, Dot & Gordon from
 NB Ewn Ha Col, who are taking our place on the river.
After spending a night moored at Anderton, we headed for Billinge Green Flash for the weekend. It started as a fine sunny morning, but as the day progressed the clouds built up and the rain started just as we moored in our chosen spot. Our friends arrived next day around lunch time, by then the sun was once more shining, which encouraged the Captain to polish some of the outside brasswork.
We all got together Sat. Evening for a meal and drinks, catching up with tales of our travels since we last saw them on the Macclesfield Canal.
Sunday saw us on board Ewn Ha Col for a traditional lunch. It was a great day, with a good deal of merriment.
The thing about this narrowboating lark is the  meeting up with friends, which sometimes are planned, but often happen by pure chance. A classic example happened yesterday, when, after both of us returning to Middlewich, we bumped into Lyn. & Phil. On their way to Liverpool. They live in Stone, and were occasional members of our Friday Gang during the winter. We just had to make our way to the 'Big Lock' (yes, it's a pub), for a pint and a meal from their lunch time menu, good value for a fiver.

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