Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Best Laid Plans etc.

After leaving WightWick we had planed to turn at Dimmingsdale lock and make our way back up towards Great Haywood. On attempting to turn below the lock it was clear that the winding hole was so silted up that to continue would be to court disaster, so, as often happens, our plans changed and we decided to go on to Stourport.
The Bratch locks can be a bit of a hold up but on this occasion we were ushered through almost straight away by the lock keeper. These locks are confusing in that they look like a staircase, but are in fact three separate locks with impossibly short pounds in between. (About six feet). They work because of the side ponds hidden behind the hedges alongside. It was a warm days cruising and we moored for the night at Swindon.
Yesterday there was an early start and we went on as far as Wolverley. This village was once an important part of the Black Country nail making industry. Some of the cottages are built up against the rock faces, with their back rooms carved out of the rock, rather like the rock houses back at Kinver which are owned by the National Trust.
Today, after a visit to Sainsbury's in Kidderminster we found the C& RT people working on a jammed gate at the lock which held us up for nearly an hour, however, once on our way it was quite a pleasant cruise down to Stourport, apart for some kids throwing water bombs from one of the bridges. Sadly, that is the downside of travelling during the school holidays. Fortunately it wasn't bricks they were throwing.
One of the attractions of the town is the fair, which, for anyone like me, growing up on the south coast, brings back memories of younger days. We couldn't resist a walk round, soaking up the atmosphere of the music and the sound of the seagulls.

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